28 April 19 - How to choose a party rental company

Posted on April 28, 2019 at 9:05 pm by Inflatable Adventures / Inflatable Rentals Party Tips

Memories are moments you can call upon for a lifetime. Special memories are those moments that live on in our hearts. There’s no better feeling than knowing the joy you brought your child and guests, making the right inflatable company the most important part of the process. Safe, clean, fun entertainment cannot be beat. Here is some insight into the decision-making process you should use when choosing the right inflatable company to rent from.

Use the internet and other social media for local inflatable rental companies. Chances are, delivery or set up fees, if any, will be the lowest as compared to a company 50 or more miles away. Look for any hidden costs, because if a company can’t be forward and disclose their prices online, there’s probably an extra or hidden fee to hit you later. Check out the entire website. Is it clearly laid out and reader friendly? Does it answer your questions and concerns? Are there clear images of the equipment and specific information regarding dimensions, electrical requirements and supervision needed? Is rental of the equipment on an hourly basis or not?

Always look on a company’s website, flyer, etc. for their legal credentials – if they’re licensed and permitted. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when on the phone with a representative from the company. Many inflatable rental companies open up out of their own garage and call themselves “legal” until they’re shut down for negligence, damages, or fined. This can also mean their inflatables were not manufactured in the USA, as required by the State of NJ to be a rental company. The State of NJ Dept. of Community Affairs inspects and issues permits for all approved inflatable rides to be used that are deemed safe for public use.

Sanitization is a key factor in inflatables as they are used by everyone and used everywhere. Ask if the equipment is cleaned and when, such as before and after each use as well as on site.

Don’t be afraid to ask other questions such as the company’s cancellation policy and if it concerns weather? What do you do if it’s forecasting rain the day of your party?

Look for have personal contact with a representative of the company so you know your questions are being heard by a real person and not a bot from the website. We are each unique, as is your party. It’s good to know you are being acknowledged and heard. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so be sure the company you choose is well-informed of its equipment and your wants, needs and concerns. Customer service is as important as the rental.

From start to finish, make sure your inflatable company works well and works for you.


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