Frequently Asked Questions For Residential Parties

Note: Commercial and Public Event pricing and policies may be different. Call us to inquire for your specific situation.

How do I Pay?

You can pay by check or cash at time of delivery. Credit card payment is also an option as long we are given your payment information at least 48 hours before the event. A 4% charge will be added for this service.

How long do I get to use the equipment?

Inflatable Adventures does NOT rent by the hour and in most circumstances can accommodate the hours of your party based upon our availability. However, our typical order is a 5-hour rental. Your delivery could be as early as 7:30am up until 1 hour before the start of your party. We will call you a day in advance to give you the time of delivery within the hour.

Do you deliver and set up?

Yes! We deliver all of our equipment and come back to take it down the same day. This service is included in your rental price. Inflatable Adventures helps to alleviate the stress that comes from planning a party by ensuring that all equipment is clean and ready to go. Set-up takes approximately 30-45 minutes and includes our staff reviewing all the safety rules and regulations with the responsible party. We do not charge for delivery and setup in Ocean and Monmouth Counties. See below.

Do you charge for delivery and set up?

We deliver for free to Monmouth and Ocean Counties (some barrier islands are excluded during peak season) as long as you meet a minimum order amount of $299 in product purchases (excludes services such as supervision).

Can I pick up the equipment from you?

Professional setup by trained staff is the first step to ensuring the safety of your event; therefore, we do not allow anyone to pick up or set up the equipment.

What kind of power is required?

Normally each inflatable runs off a regular 110v dedicated outlet on a 20 AMP circuit – this is usually what you would consider a “normal plug” in most homes and businesses. If you are renting multiple inflatables or plan on setting the unit up more than 60 feet away from an outlet, please discuss power requirements prior to your day’s event. Inflatable Adventures will provide the necessary extension cord in order to reach your power source. However, we do not set up more than 100 feet from the power source so we do not decrease the electrical supply.

What type of surface can the equipment be placed on?

Inflatables can be placed on grass, pavement, concrete, mulch, hardwood or low carpeting – indoors or out. We need to know the kind of surface prior to delivery so that the necessary equipment can be brought to safely secure your inflatable.

Are reservations necessary?

Yes, to ensure a good selection during our peak season April-October, we suggest you call us several weeks ahead of time for a bounce house and as much as three months ahead of time if you are planning a large event such as a school or church carnival, company picnic or community event. The earlier you book, the greater your selection. However, we are happy to help with last-minute plans.

Is Inflatable Adventures insured?

Absolutely!! The State of NJ has very specific requirements regarding insurance coverage for inflatable attractions. Once the insurance is obtained, our policy must be reviewed by the New Jersey Bureau of Code Services to insure proper coverage is in place. **Remember…reputable companies carry insurance, so don’t be afraid to ask for an insurance certificate.

How much room do I need?

The amount of room required varies with each piece of equipment. Click on the more details link for each inflatable to review its size. As a rule of thumb, you should add 10′ to the width and 10′ to the length of any inflatable. In addition, please be sure there is proper overhead clearance for the unit you are renting. We are happy to discuss space requirements when you make a reservation. Click here to learn how to choose the correct set up area for your inflatable.

What kind of supervision is necessary?

For the safety of the participants, each piece of our equipment requires at least one adult supervisor at all times. Some of our larger pieces, such as slides and obstacle courses, require at least two adult supervisors. We cannot over-emphasize the need for adult supervision at all times. Accidents on equipment generally come from two things: too many children on the unit or the unit is not kept secured. Supervisors should monitor the amount of children and make sure they’re acting in a responsible manner. They should also check equipment for secureness to the ground. Safety briefings are given before all events, and we require a signature from the customer stating this has been done. Should you choose, we can provide a professionally trained attendant for an additional fee.

What if it rains?

Our worry free rain cancellation policy lets you cancel up to 3:00pm the day before your party/event. There are absolutely NO fees associated with having to cancel due to rainy conditions * as long as it is done before 3:00pm the day before your event. Sorry….but full payment is required if cancellation is not made by 3:00pm.

During the summer, the local forecast almost always includes a slight chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorm, as that is expected with excessive heat. Please make sure when you are judging the weather for your party that you consult the hourly forecast on www.weather.com as that forecast will better predict rain during the actual hours of your event.

* Rainy Conditions are described as:
– A 50% or higher chance of rain during the hours of your party.
– This predicted chance of rain must be 36 hours in advance of your party. Sorry, but a forecast predicting a 50% chance of rain more than 3 days before your party is too far out to rely upon.
– The forecast that Inflatable Adventures will rely upon will be verified by weather.com as it pertains to your location.

Should you decide to take the inflatable and it begins to rain, you simply need to shut the power off until it stops. Please keep in mind that the inflatables cannot be operated in wind over 15mph or in the rain. Our inflatable equipment often gets caught in a summer passing shower as water will not hurt the inflatable. Our main concern is the safety of your guests, so we simply ask that when the rain stops, use a dry towel to wipe off the water and resume use.

What is your cancellation policy?

Because we must turn down other parties who would like to rent your inflatables, after your reservation is confirmed by email all non-weather cancellations (all or in part) or switching your party’s date when it is not due to rain will result in a charge that will be equal to half the amount of your original invoiced amount. Because weather is constantly changing, we allow you to cancel with absolutely no charge the day before your party if there is a 50% chance or more of rain (according to weather.com for your town) during the hours of you party. Weather-related cancellations must be made the day before your party by 3pm (close of office) or payment is due in full.

Is the equipment safe?

Our commitment to the safety and health of your guests makes us a cut above the rest. When considering renting equipment for your affair, ask yourself if it is important that the children at your event are playing on safe, clean equipment. We clean and sanitize our inflatables after each use… not all of our competitors can make the same claim. Inflatable Adventures only rents inflatable attractions certified annually by the State of NJ Carnival and Amusement Ride Safety program.

How do I make a reservation?

It’s easy – you can order online, email us, or call – 732-240-3268. Our friendly and experienced staff will discuss your event and help you determine what is most appropriate for your group. Commercial and public event prices and policies may change. Please call our staff to inquire.